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    Thomas Hellman explores American mythology by immersing himself in the period between the settling of the West and the Great Depression of the 1930s. In a show codirected with Brigitte Haentjens, this multitalented artist blends blues, folk and gospel in a musical illustration of artists’ role in bringing meaning to chaos.

    In the depths of winter, Gilles and Esther, a Francophone couple, leave Montreal for Vancouver. They have trouble assimilating, and gradually withdraw into themselves; their apartment becomes their own little world, the setting for a bizarre existence fuelled by their imagination. But how long can they sustain a life on the fringes of society?

    • Written by

      Mani Soleymanlou with input from the actors

    • Directed by

      Mani Soleymanlou

    • With

      Éric Bruneau, Guillaume Cyr, Kathleen Fortin, Julie Le Breton, Jean-Moïse Martin, Geneviève Schmidt, Emmanuel Schwartz and Mani Soleymanlou


    NAC Studio

    There are eight of them, and it’s eight o’clock. The party is in full swing, and the conversation turns to gender identity. Do men and women view their bodies differently? Do they flirt differently? Do they approach parenting differently?

  1. Dehors

    NAC Studio

    When he learns of his father’s death, war correspondent Arnaud goes home to the family farm. His return after a 10‑year absence awakens the ghosts of the past. Written during Gilles Poulin-Denis’ artistic residency under the mentorship of Wajdi Mouawad, Dehors is directed by Philippe Ducros.

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    • Text and storytelling

      Michel Ouellette

    • With

      Céline Bonnier

    In Le dire de Di, Michel Ouellette continues his exploration of a playful and poetic theatre where characters are composed like poems, and express themselves in lively, colourful language full of gaps and ricochets.