NAC French Theatre

2018-2019 SEASON

Mathieu Rivard

Brigitte HAENTJENS Artistic director

Meet us here; we’ll take you elsewhere.

Theatre is good for us. It transports us from one place to another.

It frees us from the moment and offers us another.

It presents new perspectives and explores possibilities.

It spins dreams and creates enchantment.

The adventure is inspiring, moving, and always enriching.


NAC French Theatre’s 2018–19 season,

under the artistic direction of Brigitte Haentjens,

takes a fresh, contemporary, multi-layered look

at historical characters and mythical stories.

Nine audacious shows, rich in meaning and beauty,

delve into as many crises of conscience

sparked by moments of impulses finally revealed,

a thirst for victory, or intoxicating desire.


Whether from the days of Euripides or Shakespeare,

the inner voices are vibrant and the gestures meaningful.

Everything is in place for our enjoyment

and, quite possibly, a little disorientation.


Let us transport you!


NAC French Theatre Team