NAC French Theatre  |  2017-2018 Season

Illuminé Brigitte Haentjens  |  Artistic Director

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“Theatre is a place of revelation”

Welcome to your theatre, a place of creative freedom and meaningful dialogue, perpetually open to deciphering the world, where art retains its role as a pathfinder!

How are we to investigate this noisy, sombre world? How are we to illuminate it? In these violent, fearful and uncertain times, theatre is more relevant than ever: it looks beyond, at the big picture; it meets our collective need to ask ourselves questions and reflect on the society in which we live.

In 2017–2018, French Theatre invites you to discover powerful and luminous works both poetic and political, created in a multiplicity of forms by artists with a talent for challenging, disrupting and enlightening … Creators for a modern age whose practice is firmly rooted in the here and now. Lucid dreamers who believe in theatre as a living, vibrant art. Passionate awakeners who transform theatre into a place of revelation.

May you be illuminated by the new season!

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