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Welcome to the first OFF Zones Théâtrales! In anticipation of the next edition of Zones Théâtrales in September 2023, we present a special series of free public readings. From October 5 to 7, you’re invited to discover four unpublished texts—challenging scripts that question, resonate and sometimes sting, written by Alain Doom (Ottawa), Anaïs Pellin (Vancouver), Charlotte L’Orage (Ottawa) and Art Babayant (Sherbrooke), in a translation by Mishka Lavigne. 

As a bonus, attend a public talkback with writers Adeline Flaun (Martinique), Cédric Mabudu (Benin), André Gélineau (Sherbrooke) and Marie-Claire Marcotte (Toronto), who will present excerpts from their works. This event marks the culmination of a Burkina Faso/Martinique/Canada cross-border writing residency supported by the Centre des auteurs dramatiques (CEAD), Zones Théâtrales, ETC Caraïbes and Les Récréatrales. 

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