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Your sofa and your computer thank you for all the love and attention you gave them in 2020 and early 2021. Now the tide is turning—can you feel it? It’s time to get some fresh air, discover new creators and reconnect with life!  

With that in mind, French Theatre is offering three engaging shows for adults and teens alike. There’s something for every personality type:  

For the Poet: Savèches  
Young New Brunswick playwright Jonathan Roy’s writing is making waves! Are we all like those savèches, moths irresistibly attracted to the blue light of our portable screens? A show that has something to say, like a poetic breeze from the Acadian countryside, with its maritime fragrances, of course, but also hints of melamine and Windex.  

For the Resilient: Corps titan (titre de survie)
This is the shocking story of an accident: a woman on a bicycle in the blind spot of a heavy-haul truck, a body smashed on the asphalt. Actor Audrey Talbot, who has genuinely returned from the land of the dead, takes the stage to share her story, her deep wounds and great miracles—in short, her courageous tightrope walk along her own lifeline.   

For the Technofuturist: Contes et légendes  
Like a vision of our near future, teenagers and ACTUAL ANDROIDS mingle on stage. Need another reason to rush out and buy a ticket to this certifiably crazy show? OK: it’s by Joël Pommerat. WHO? Oh, never mind... he’s just the greatest director and theatrical magician of our time!  

Grab your tickets, countdown, lift off (from your chair)!

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