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Le Théâtre français enlacé par Brigitte Haentjens

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Programmed by Brigitte Haentjens and led by incoming artistic director Mani Soleymanlou, NAC French Theatre’s 2021–22 season explores notions of interconnection. To mark the long-awaited return to the stage, nine shows invite spectators on a sensory journey that navigates the border between reality and the imagination.  

Are you ready to be projected into the future with Mani Soleymanlou, lulled by the voice of the bewitching Marie Brassard, disoriented by the stage effects of the creators of White Out, mesmerized by the words of Jonathan Roy, challenged by the vision of Joël Pommerat? Our theatres are just waiting for you to say YES!

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Upcoming events

  1. Exploring the abyss in search of glimmers of light, working alongside creators she met in Japan, Marie Brassard presents the fruit of a poetic reflection on the … read more

  2. A woman appears in the half-light. She is any age, all ages. Perhaps it is this woman’s consciousness that suddenly makes … read more

  3. In a hotel room by the sea, where stories and bodies intertwine, White Out navigates the fine line between reality and dream. Through an evocative … read more

  4. The country was their escape hatch, but on a sultry, seemingly endless night, things fall apart. The varnish cracks, the past oozes out, and the truth … read more

  5. With his latest creation, Joël Pommerat delivers an anticipatory fictional documentary about the construction of self in adolescence and the myth of the … read more

  6. What makes the difference between a fatal accident and a miracle? A stroke of luck, strength of character, a complex combination of circumstances and determination? … read more

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