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Mélanie Demers and her performers - Cabaret Noir © Kevin Calixte

There is no feeling in the world comparable to the experience of a live performance, whether it’s a powerful musical piece, a touching theatre performance or a moving dance creation. In fact, the only thing that could truly amplify the experience of the stage would be more of it, which is why we’ve added dozens of new shows to our 2022–2023 lineup! 

The stage is yours! 

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Upcoming events

  1. We present on the big screen in Southam Hall a beautifully restored, high-definition screening of Charlie Chaplin’s film The Immigrant, a timeless, silent … read more

  2. When it comes to racial justice, we are collectively emerging from an overlong blind silence that demands—now, today—that we cross all the bridges that … read more

  3. Under the direction of Music Director Gustavo Gimeno, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 100th season in Southam Hall with a musical evening of romance … read more

  4. Tock-tick, tock-tick: time is out of whack and the clock’s hands are spinning backwards as you chase the rabbit all the way to a tiny door. You already know … read more

  5. Tock-tick, tock-tick: time is out of whack and the clock’s hands are spinning backwards as you chase the rabbit all the way to a tiny door. You already know … read more

  6. One of South Africa’s leading choreographers, Gregory Maqoma conceives works of breadth and beauty, and keen political awareness. With composer Thuthuka … read more

  7. In 2013, Nova Scotian choral conductor Scott Jones was left paralyzed after a homophobic attack. Soon after, he chose to publicly forgive his attacker. The story of … read more

  8. In its debut NAC engagement, Ballet Edmonton brings us a beautiful mixed contemporary program by three outstanding choreographers: Artistic Director Wen Wei … read more

  9. Superstar pianist and composer Stewart Goodyear joins forces with Chineke! Orchestra for an unforgettable evening of music that celebrates the beauty of diversity … read more

  10. Montreal choreographer Rhodnie Désir performs her award-winning multidisciplinary work, supported on stage by the polyrhythmic sounds of two musicians. … read more

  11. Few performers epitomize the pure force of dance more than Louise Lecavalier. In her most recent solo creation, she explores the art form in four stations – … read more

  12. Home is a refuge, a place of emptiness and fullness. It’s often shared, sometimes broken—as in “broken home.” Writer/performer … read more

  13. Curated by Olivia C. Davies, Matriarchs Uprising creates a platform for Indigenous women who are nurturing the art of Contemporary Indigenous dance and storytelling, … read more

  14. Curated by Olivia C. Davies, Matriarchs Uprising is a unique festival of exchange and sharing through dance and performances, workshops and conversation. The … read more

  15. They’re inseparable. Their words are games, bouncing balls, modelling clay! But one truly rotten day, He has to leave for a town so far away we’ve … read more

  16. A Canadian Premiere. Direct from Buenos Aires, Social Tango Project interlaces original dance, music, and song, with photography and documentary film to present an … read more

  17. In Amber Valley, Alberta, a sharp-witted schoolteacher arrives to make a better life for her and her new students. But the memories she’s outrunning may … read more

  18. Binge-watching an entire TV series, eyes glued to your screen, is so 2020–21. It’s time for a unifying saga, an epic experience … it’s … read more

  19. In this spellbinding work, renowned South African choreographer Dada Masilo explores her Tswana origins through the lens of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of … read more

  20. Richard Strauss’s An Alpine Symphony perfectly demonstrates how artists have always listened to the Earth and endeavoured to capture the exquisite beauty of … read more

  21. Anna Thorvaldsdóttir’s Catamorphosis is a living, breathing world of musical ideas inspired by “the fragile relationship we have to our … read more

  22. You could call it a striptease of the soul or, at least, a theatrical exposure. On stage alongside his luminous 3D avatar, actor, author and director … read more

  23. You’re invited into the set! Settle down right in the middle of this incredible miniature landscape. Once there, a resilient imaginary garden will come to life … read more

  24. Filled to the brim with comedy, tragedy, and the supernatural, this epic opera in concert recounts the adventures of the womanizing Giovanni, offering fair warning … read more