Street closures around the NAC during Winterlude 2019

NAC Orchestra Student Matinee Concert

Let your students experience one of the most outstanding ensembles of its kind in the world. The NAC Orchestra boasts many of the finest musicians in the country who enthusiastically share the common goal of bringing music to young people. Perfectly suited to both the novice student and musical apprentice, this weekday matinee is bound to delight students and teachers alike! 

    • Mar 5, 2019, 12:30pm (bilingual)

    Did you know that musical geniuses like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven freestyled on the keyboard in improv competitions against other composers, fueled by suggestions from the audience?  Join us for an exciting and interactive concert experience that brings together performers from the comedy troupe Second City and the NAC Orchestra. Together they will demo musical improv and share some of the classical masterpieces that came out of it!

    *A brand new co-production with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

    Presented in association with Family Adventures with the NAC Orchestra.