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BIG BANG Festival


5 to 12 years old

February 12 - 14, 2020

  Azrieli Studio Foyer 1 Elgin Street, Ottawa

© Robin Reynders
© Julie Charland
© Robin Reynders
© Robin Reynders
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers

Approx. 30 minutes

Suggested for 5-12 years old

Special delivery of a spectacular package!

The stage is the size of a truck. Inside, anything can (and does!) become a drum: the walls, the table, even the ceiling! Thanks to the breathtaking beat masters running the show, theatre serves another knockout blow to the drab monotony of everyday life.

We received a box from Europe containing a whole show! You wouldn’t believe all the wild and wonderful things we found when we opened it! So we quickly closed it again so you could enjoy the same surprise. Okay, here are two clues while you’re waiting: #1: An astonishing micro-stage, like a mini-factory, a little beige, that becomes a totally infernal rhythm machine! #2: Two employees work there: one turns into a hilarious juggling musician, the other into an animal-drum. Because, let’s face it, art makes everything more fun!

The performances on Sunday, February 16 and Monday, February 17 are part of the BIG BANG Festival, two days of sound adventures and experiments for the whole family, big and small ears alike. (Full program coming soon:


*Show without words


**Only 40 seats!

*** The show takes place in a secret NAC location! Meeting Point for the public: Studio Azrieli's Foyer


  • With Stijn Grupping (circus) and Frederik Meulyzer (live music)
  • Set design Reinout Hiel
  • Choreographic consultant Karolien Verlinden
  • Costumes Linse Van Gool
  • Graphic design Vildana Memic
  • Produced by Post uit Hessdalen
  • Coproduced by Theater op de Markt and MiramirO
  • With the support of the Government of Flanders, the Province of Antwerp and the City of Antwerp

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