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14 and up

December 4 - 6, 2019

  Le LabO, Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Avenue, Ottawa

© Julie Charland
© Svetla Atanasova
© Svetla Atanasova
© Svetla Atanasova
© Svetla Atanasova
© Svetla Atanasova
  • Directed by Sophie Gee
  • Created and performed by Sophie Gee, Jacqueline van de Geer, Corinne Crane, Steven Korolnek, Ghislain Shema Ndayisaba and Kyng Rose
  • Written by Collective, in collaboration with Pénélope Bourque and Mercedeh Baroque

Approx. 1 hour  and  30 minutes

Recommended for all ages, 14+

Running for success

A bare stage, a few chairs, a director and five performers playing themselves—maybe it’s not even a show? And yet, Sophie Gee has created a poignant work that digs through the junk pile of our everyday failures to extract pearls of humanity.

Queen of Dance, King of Hip-Hop, Prince of Finance: the nobility of our time wears the shining crown of success at any price. The courageous performers of Lévriers—most of them immigrants—flip the mirror to the dull side to examine their own failures, flaws and broken dreams, in direct testimonials from an open stage. With them, we laugh, we cry a little, we recognize ourselves a lot ... Because deep down, we all yearn to reach the top of this palace of cards of success, even if it threatens to collapse at any moment.

*120 seats only!


  • Directed by Sophie Gee
  • Dramaturg Pénélope Bourque
  • Created and performed by Jacqueline van de Geer
  • Created and performed by Corinne Crane
  • Created and performed by Steven Korolnek
  • Created and performed by Kyng Rose
  • Created and performed by Ghislain Shema Ndayisaba
  • Dramaturg Pénélope Bourque
  • Dramaturg Marilou Craft
  • Lighting Maya Jarvis
  • Sound Kyng Rose
  • Set and costume consultant Jessica Poirier-Chang
  • Artistic consultant Nini Bélanger
  • Dramaturgical consultant (1st stage of creation) Olivier Sylvestre
  • Produced by Nervous Hunter and MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)
  • Presented by Un accueil du Théâtre français du CNA and Théâtre la Catapulte

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Conseil des arts de Montréal
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Canada Council for the Arts
Cole Foundation
MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)