Leila Josefowicz’s 21st Century Violin


June 6, 2019

video: Anna Clyne: Rewind
Anna Clyne: Rewind
video: James MacMillan: Women of the Apocalypse
James MacMillan: Women of the Apocalypse
Leila Josefowicz © Chris Lee
Leila Josefowicz © Chris Lee

Approx. 1 hour  and  15 minutes

With guest conductor conductor Joana Carneiro and firebrand Canadian violinist Leila Josefowicz, the NAC Orchestra celebrates innovation and invention from four of Britain’s finest modern musical artist.

Music by Oliver Knussen and Thomas Ades comes alive in the hands of  violinist Leila Josefowicz,. Ades’s Violin Concerto: Concentric Paths, an energetic and atmospheric piece filled with dense layers of emotion and drama.

Anna Clyne is a risk-taker whose compositions are filled with kinetic and passionate physicality. Inspired by the rapid rewinding of analog videotape, with its inherent skipping, freezing, and jumping­­­­, Clyne’s <<rewind<< is filled with tension and release, by turns intriguingly intangible then filled with arresting themes that bind its structure.

Composer James Macmillan drew inspiration for his Woman of the Apocalypse from the mysticism of art by the likes of Rubens, Doré, and Blake. In this dramatic, almost hallucinogenic, orchestral piece, the enigmatic “woman clothed by the sun” from the book of Revelation does fierce battle with a dragon before triumphing and ascending into heaven. This is a provocative and epic work, no less fevered than the paintings that inspired it.

A quartet of singers from the ever-inventive Ottawa choir Seventeen Voyces offers a prelude of madrigals at 18:00 at the base of the Glass & Thorsteinsen staircase.


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Southam Hall, National Arts Centre

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Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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