Le songe d’une nuit d’été

Ages 14 +

February 15, 2019

© Julie Charland
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois
© Stephane Bourgeois

Approx. 2 hours  and  10 minutes

Acrobatic dreamers dizzy with desire

A romantic romp in an enchanted forest on a midsummer night. Shakespeare at his most comical, imaginative and agile. A lively and energetic re-telling directed by Olivier Normand, featuring acrobats from the Flip FabriQue circus troupe.

A jealous king, a flighty queen of the fairies, a quartet of lovers on the run, and a troupe of execrable actors cross paths in an enchanted kingdom, where mischievous Puck muddles thought and sparks passion with his love potion. From its Peter Pan-style prologue to its delightfully grotesque conclusion, Shakespeare’s best-loved comedy is dusted off, shaken out and invigorated by Olivier Normand, who uses the acrobatic skills of Flip FabriQue and the music of Josué Beaucage to set a wonderfully dreamlike mood.


  • Directed by Olivier Normand
  • Flûte Marc Auger
  • Vocals and music Josué Beaucage
  • L’Égoïne and Égée Emmanuel Bédard
  • Hermia Maude Boutin St-Pierre
  • Bottom Hugues Frenette
  • Démétrius Jean-Michel Girouard
  • Hippolyta and Titania Valérie Laroche
  • Acrobat Arielle Lauzon
  • Puck Olivier Normand
  • Thésée and Obéron Jean-Sébastien Ouellette
  • Héléna Mary-Lee Picknell
  • Acrobat Mathias Reymond
  • Lysandre André Robillard
  • Acrobat Tristan Robquin
  • Written by William Shakespeare
  • French translation by Michelle Allen
  • Directed by Olivier Normand
  • Produced by Théâtre du Trident
  • Coproduced by FLIP Fabrique
  • Cast Marc Auger, Josué Beaucage, Emmanuel Bédard, Maude Boutin-St-Pierre, Hugues Frenette, Jean-Michel Girouard, Valérie Laroche, Arielle Lauzon, Olivier Normand, Jean-Sébastien Ouellette, Mary-Lee Picknell, Mathias Reymond, André Robillard and Tristan Robquin
  • Assistant director Katia Talbot
  • Set design Véronique Bertrand
  • Lighting design Caroline Ross
  • Original music composed and performed by Josué Beaucage
  • Costumes Virginie Leclerc
  • Choreography Alan Lake
  • Bruno Gagnon
  • Technical direction Patrick Paquet
  • Hélène Rheault

“This re-reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is fresh, lively, quite sexy, and most important, hilarious.”

Geneviève Bouchard, Le Soleil

“Shakespeare invites us to embrace our poetic self, our irrational self, and even our ridiculous self. It’s an opportunity to reconcile with foolishness, to accept it, understand it, and celebrate it.”

Olivier Normand

“Beyond mere movement and acrobatics, the circus element gives A Midsummer Night’s Dream … a poignant quality, expressed in physicality, veils and embraces.”

Josianne Desloges, JEU

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