May 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Creative Artist Residency: Songwriting

with YAO (in French)
Grade 5-12 Music Workshops

Available in French only

Designed specifically for the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in Residence (Education) program, this five-hour residency explores the links between writing (poetry), literature and various styles of urban music, especially slam.

In five steps, it investigates various creative writing tools and techniques, ranging from the virtual to the conventional. Students are then guided to finish the workshop by developing a text through a specific creative writing exercise. The aim is to provide a history of this style and help young people understand its origins and fundamentals. The demystification of this cultural movement will teach them basic concepts such as the art of rhetoric, the importance of writing and literary creation, and the importance of the learning and self-development that prevail in this art form.

Step 1: Think so you can create without thinking (1st dimension)

Step 2: Dare to think outside the box (2nd dimension)

Step 3: The little secret of a rich text (3rd dimension)

Step 4: How do professionals do it?

Step 5: It’s time to jump in with both feet!

Workshop facilitator Yao has been leading writing workshops for students and professional artists for over 10 years now. In 2018, he received the Ontario Arts Foundation Artist Educator Award.

Objectives: Language Arts, Music

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