April 8, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Body Beats

virtual workshop series presented in association with Jeunesses Musicales Canada
Body Beats © Antoine Saito
Kindergarten–Grade 6 Music Workshops

The entire body is a musical instrument!

In the constant pleasure of moving, discover the rich universe of body percussion and the different musical styles that are related to it. Explore flamenco, beat box and learn about Gumboot, all with energy and good humor!

  • Running time (prerecorded videos): Five workshop segments of 8-10 minutes each
  • Two versions offered (sold separately): ages 4-6 (Kindergarten to grade 1) and ages 7-12 (grades 2 to 6)
  • Available in: English or French
  • This series of workshops can be accompanied (at extra cost) with live interaction (mediation) facilitated by a teaching artist

Workshop segments

Creation and Concept: Aurélie Négrier
Original idea: Catherine Messier
Host/Workshop Leader/Teaching Artist: Gabriela Iznardo (English) / Aurélie Négrier (French)
Musican Contributors : Gabriela Iznardo, Marton Maderspach, Aurélie Négrier, Bruno Roy

Natural Pulses

Discover parts of our body that make rhythm like a drum: the heart, the breath, the steps…

Palmas/The Flamenco

Experience the clapping of hands, called in Spanish “palmas” which accompanies the Flamenco music and dance.


Learn the art of “foot tapping” which accompanies the violin, accordion and singing in traditional French Canadian festivals.


Practice this dance music created by the miners of South Africa.

Human Beat Box

Try to imitate the sounds of the drums with your mouth.

Virtual Musical Adventures: concerts and workshops for students and teachers

In collaboration with Jeunesses Musicales Canada, the NAC Orchestra presents a series of fun and engaging music-making activities and pedagogical resources geared towards students aged 4-12, all offered in a virtual format.

Educators can purchase a user license that enables digital access to a pre-recorded concert for up to 30 days, or for a series of pre-recorded workshops for up to 50 days, and the license is valid for an entire school (not just one classroom)!

Concerts can be presented following the associated virtual workshop series, or can be presented independently.

In order to offer a more in-depth experience, workshops and/or concerts can be accompanied (at extra cost) with live interaction (mediation) facilitated by a teaching artist.

Associated virtual concerts:
Giggle and Stomp! (ages 4-6)
The Beginnings of Bing Bang! (ages 7-12)

Pricing packages

Workshop & Concert Pricing TOTAL
1 virtual workshop bought individually $250 + HST
1 virtual concert bought individually $500 + HST
1 virtual concert and its corresponding virtual workshop bought together $650 + HST
3 virtual concerts and 3 virtual workshops $1,500 + HST
All 5 concerts and all 5 virtual workshops $2,500 + HST
Digital mediation bought à la carte (minimum of 2 hours of mediation) $100/hr + HST

Price for one digital license per institution without maximum audience capacity. A single license is valid for an entire school (not just one classroom).
A license enables a digital access of 30 days for a concert and 50 days for a workshop series.

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