For children aged 3 to 8

NAC Main Lobby (Foyer)

Imaginative and interactive concerts for the youngest music lovers, aged 3-8 years, these performances in the NAC Main Lobby give kids an up-close experience of the magic of music. Presented by ensembles from the NAC Orchestra.

  1. We’ve got the Beat

    Bangers & Smash percussion duo

    NAC Main Lobby (Foyer)

    Drums, cymbals, timpani, marimbas, xylophones and an inexhaustible supply of “toys”. Come explore the amazing percussion section of an orchestra! 

    • Christian Paquette


    • Anna Petersen


    • Shauna McDonald


    • Ben Glossop


    WINDerful Musical Zoo

    Ayorama Wind Quintet with Marjolaine Fournier

    NAC Main Lobby (Foyer)

    Animals of every stripe and colour will entertain you when the Ayorama Wind Quintet unleashes its musical zoo.