Beethoven À la carte!

Discover the legend! Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the music of the master symphonist – Beethoven.

3 Focus Festival concerts starting at $75

All nine of his symphonies will be performed over 10 days by the NAC Orchestra.
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  1. Opening Night with Beethoven

    Southam Hall

    • Beethoven Symphony No. 1
    • Beethoven Symphony No. 2
    • Beethoven Symphony No. 3, "Eroica"

    Alexander Shelley describes the 9 Beethoven symphonies as one of the great musical wonders of the world.  Immerse yourself in the complete symphony cycle with a deep dive on opening night.

  2. Beethoven’s Fifth

    Southam Hall

    • Beethoven Symphony No. 5

    The NAC Orchestra brings to life Beethoven’s electrifying and tempestuous Symphony No. 5. Groundbreaking when it debuted in 1808, one would be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not immediately recognize the signature opening “ta-ta-ta-tum” of this, the world’s most famous symphony.

  3. Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony

    Southam Hall

    • Beethoven Symphony No. 4
    • Beethoven Symphony No. 6, “Pastoral”

    “A Titan, wrestling with the gods”, was how Richard Wagner aptly described Beethoven and his music. Symphony No. 4 bears the unmistakable stylistic fingerprint of the bold composer: strength, spirited manipulations of harmony and key, and structure shaped by innovation and ingenuity.

  4. Beethoven Symphony No. 7

    Southam Hall

    • Beethoven Symphony No. 7
    • Beethoven Symphony No. 8

    Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 exudes a cheerful exuberance of celestial proportion. Composed at the same time as the celebrated “Immortal Beloved” letters of 1812, the mysterious 10-page note was penned by the lovelorn composer over the course of two days. Found only after his death, its addressee remains unknown and hotly debated to this day.

  5. Beethoven’s Ninth

    Southam Hall

    • Beethoven Symphony No. 9 “Choral”

    Alexander Shelley conducts Beethoven’s timeless ninth symphony, the ground-breaking work for orchestra and chorus, as the culmination of the NAC Orchestra’s Beethoven Festival. The hope
    expressed in Ode to Joy still resonates – that friendship can bind us together though our customs tear us apart.

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