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Beethoven Festival

  • 9 Facts about the legend

    Beethoven reinvented the symphony but there’s so much more learn about this great composer. 

  • Orchestra 101

    First time at the orchestra? All the answers to our frequently asked questions are here!

  • Podcasts

    Explore and discover more about Beethoven and his symphonies with our NAC Orchestra experts. Listen now.

  • Masterclass Videos

    Watch our Beethoven video series with NAC Music Director, Alexander Shelley.


FOCUS is an expansive exploration of classical music unfolding over ten days. With artistic direction and concept by Alexander Shelley, The NAC Orchestra dives deep into a singular theme, going beneath the surface of the music and its makers through concerts, lectures, chats, podcasts, exhibits and more.

Discover the legend

FOCUS’ inaugural Beethoven Edition explores the multi-faceted musical mastermind. NAC Music Director Alexander Shelley brings to light the creative musical genius of Beethoven the composer, whose work changed classical music profoundly.

The edition also dives into the man behind the music: With great respect for tradition, he was an unwitting yet stalwart champion of modern ideals and helped to advance man’s right to self-determination. Beethoven’s philosophical outlook on humanity profoundly inspired his work, as did the immense personal challenges that he faced. The 10 day edition traces the evolution of a legend and his imprint on history.