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September 20, 2016

Hiring process for the artistic leader of Indigenous Theatre

Hiring Process
Hiring Process

September already! This month we want to share some news about the hiring process for the artistic leader of Indigenous Theatre at the NAC. Following a day-long session held in Ottawa at the NAC on August 23, 2016, the Advisory Committee comprised of Reneltta Arluk, Dave Jenniss, Annie Smith St. Georges, Jesse Wabegijig, Kenneth T. Williams, Elder support and Métis Elder Robert Smith St. Georges, Brittany Ryan, and Sarah Garton Stanley, a list of recommendations /thoughts were put together that will eventually be put forward to the NAC. As part of the committee’s process, these draft ideas were sent to the larger community for feedback.

We have received great feedback and would like to express our gratitude for the response. It is anticipated that the recommendations put forward by the Committee to the NAC will be fully considered. On Thursday, September 21st, 2016 the recommendations from the Advisory Committee that will incorporate feedback from the community will be brought forward to the NAC for consideration. The NAC will then begin posting for the job and launching more fully into the hiring process.

In October the Advisory Committee will turn their attention to supporting and enabling a healthy, transparent process through to selecting the hiring. The Advisory Committee will endeavour to stay in contact with interested community members and to share responses and concerns arising out of the process with the NAC. The Committee will also work to clarify communications coming out of the NAC whenever required. It is anticipated that the job posting will go out in late October and the first leadership of Indigenous Theatre will be hired by the end of June 2017.

As the list of recommendations is being finalized, we would like to share with you the proposal being put forward for the hiring process. This diagram clearly depicts step-by-step actions that the various committees will undertake to select the final leadership of Indigenous Theatre.

The description of the diagram is as follows:

  • An Elders Council (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) from different communities to advise and provide support on an “as needed basis” to the Hiring committee and Advisory Committee is  shown in the outer circle of the diagram
  • The Advisory Committee comprised of Reneltta Arluk, Dave Jenniss, Annie Smith St. Georges, Jesse Wabegijig, and Kenneth T. Williams will continue to advise and liaise throughout the hiring process.
  • Two additional committees will be struck:
    • Vetting Committee (7 members)
    • Hiring Committee (4 members from the vetting committee will remain)
  • Between October 21st - 31st 2016 the career ad/press release will be announced to begin the search for the first Artistic Director
  • The Vetting Committee will receive applications from all candidates to create a long list of approximately 15 candidates
  • The Hiring Committee will receive the long list and interview the candidates
  • The Hiring Committee may have to phone applicants with 2-3 clarifying questions about CVs prior to interviewing
  • After the first round of interviews, the Hiring Committee will make decisions to create a medium list (5-8 applicants) to go to the next round
  • A short list of 3-5 applicants will participate in a community engagement event that will happen in each of the applicant’s own communities for an opportunity to engage with their peers on a social level
  • After the community engagement event, the Hiring Committee will decide on a shortlist (2-3 applicants) to meet with Peter Herrndorf, President & CEO of the NAC
  • Peter Herrndorf will meet with the 2-3 candidates separately to make the final decision
  • The successful applicant will be offered the job
  • The applicant must be in place by June 30th, 2017

The Committee along with Brittany and Sarah share in a desire to be in communication and consultation throughout. For any response that you have, we ask that you please contact Brittany Ryan at:

In other news, we want to share that Suzanne Keeptwo offered a workshop to NAC staff on September 1st. It was really well attended. Suzanne offered the workshop in English and French and kept participants fully engaged from 10-2:30. NAC employees have been talking lots about Suzanne’s class and the issues it raised, and the information she shared. The NAC is undertaking several pilots towards determining their longer range plans for Indigenous education. Suzanne’s workshop was a great start.

From all of us to you, thank-you for your time and interest and please be in touch.

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