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Artist Mentorship Program Showcase

Black Theatre Workshop

2022-06-03 14:00 2022-06-03 15:40 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: Artist Mentorship Program Showcase

NAC Livestream

This June, Black Theatre Workshop presents their Artist Mentorship Program Industry Showcase, in partnership with NAC English Theatre.  The Artist Mentorship Program, which has been part of BTW’s programming for the past eight years, features 13 emerging artists across all theatrical disciplines (actors, directors, designers, playwrights, stage managers), placing them under the guidance of theatre professionals throughout the year. Mentorship sessions and workshops...

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Azrieli Studio,1 Elgin Street,Ottawa,Canada
Friday, June 3, 2022
NAC Livestream

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  • Tara L. Taylor ©
    Playwright Tara L. Taylor
  • Peace Akintade ©
    Playwright Peace Akintade
  • Sasha Hayden ©
    Cast Sasha Hayden
  • Paul Smith  ©
    Cast Paul Smith
  • Natasha “Courage” Bacchus ©
    Cast Natasha ‘’Courage’’ Bacchus
  • Isaac Cunningham ©
    Cast Isaac Cunningham
  • Grégory Yves ©
    Cast Grégory Yves
  • Christopher Parker ©
    Cast Christopher Parker
  • Bongani Musa ©
    Cast Bongani Musa
  • Audrey Thibault ©
    Cast Audrey Thibault
  • Alyssa Angelucci-Wall ©
    Cast Alyssa Angelucci-Wall
  • Mariah Inger ©
    Co-Director and Artistic Mentorship Program Coordinator Mariah Inger
  • Warona Setshwaelo ©
    Co-Director and Artistic Mentorship Program Coordinator Warona Setshwaelo
  • Courtney Moses Orbin ©
    Set and Costume Designer Courtney Moses Orbin
  • Justin Johnson ©
    Sound Designer Justin Johnson
  • Yutong Ngui ©
    Stage Manager Yutong Ngui
  • Artistic Mentorship Program Ensemble Abigail Whitney, Alyssa Angelucci-Wall, Audrey Thibault. Bongani Musa, Christopher Parker, Grégory Yves, Henry Austin Shikongo, Isaac Cunningham, Natasha "Courage" Bacchus, Peace Akintade, Paul Smith, Sasha Hayden, Tara L. Taylor
  • Artistic Mentorship Program Coordinator Warona Setshwaelo
  • Artistic Mentorship Program Coordinator Mariah Inger
  • Acting Mentor Vlad Alexis
  • Acting Mentor Lucinda Davis
  • Acting Mentor Tristan D. Lalla
  • Acting Mentor Dakota Wellman
  • Directing Mentor Mike Payette
  • Set and Costume Designer Courtney Mose Orbin
  • Sound Designer Justin Johnson
  • Stage Manager Yutong Ngui
  • Technical Director James Douglas
  • ASL Interpreter/AMP Showcase Interpreter Marcia Adolphe
  • ASL Interpreter/AMP Showcase Interpreter Kimberley Johnson
  • ASL Interpreter Carmelle Cachero
  • ASL Interpreter Taedra Harris
  • ASL Consultant Jo-Anne Bryan
  • ASL Consultant and Translator Ebony R. Gooden
  • NAC Production Stéphane Boyer, Head of Studio; Leigh Uttley CAS Sound Engineer; Raoul Budavari, Sound and Props; Brandon Calder Videographer; Erin Finn, Assistant to the Production Director; Mardy Francoeur, Livestream Director (Encore); David Milliard, Head Projectionist; Stéfanie Séguin, Scheduler; Michel Henry, Technical Director; Rose Marie Thomas, Wardrobe; Peter Van Duynhoven, Video. Projectionists, Wardrobe Mistresses, Masters and Attendants are members of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 471.