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Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

Sleeping Beauty

We are so pleased to bring you this exquisite rendering of the classic ballet Sleeping Beauty in its Canadian premiere. Staged by internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer Marcia Haydée (after Marius Petipa), this timeless story celebrates, at its essence, the power of love over evil. Originally from Brazil, Ms Haydée is renowned for her illustrious career with Stuttgart Ballet and has been hailed as one of the greatest ballerinas of our time. Woven into her interpretation of Sleeping Beauty is a more intricate reading of the central characters— particularly the malevolent Carabosse—to underscore their nuanced human complexity. With beautiful sets and lighting, this production, invited by Artistic Director Ivan Cavallari, showcases the virtuosity and finesse of one of Canada’s original ballet companies.

Welcome back Les Grands Ballets to NAC Dance! 



Prologue (36 minutes)
Act 1 (32 minutes)

Intermission (20 minutes)

Act 2 (34 minutes)
Act 3 (41 minutes)

Total: 2 hours and 43 minutes


The long-awaited day is finally here. The palace halls ring with the flurry of excitement as King Florestan and the Queen beam with pride over their daughter, Princess Aurora. Today is her Christening and the six Good Fairies have arrived to bestow their gifts upon the young girl, their Goddaughter.

With a jolt, a crack of thunder and lightning announce the arrival of the evil fairy Carabosse and end the festive mood. She is livid at not having been invited to partake in the important day. The Good Fairies try to calm her but are unable to prevent her from casting a horrible spell on the Princess. On her 16th birthday, it is declared, Princess Aurora will prick her finger on a spindle and die. The King and Queen fall into despair. The Lilac Fairy, who had not yet presented her gift to the Princess, succeeds in softening Carabosse’s curse with a spell of her own. Princess Aurora is protected from death, but will fall into a 100-year slumber that can only be broken by true love’s kiss.

Time passes and Princess Aurora blossoms into a young woman, under the watchful protection of the Lilac Fairy. Yet, Carabosse always lingers near, anticipating the fateful day when her curse will unfold.

In the palace garden, King Florestan and the Queen are hosting a lavish party for Princess Aurora’s 16th birthday. Among the guests are four princes who have come to vie for the Princess’ affection. An elderly woman, hiding in plain sight, makes her way to the Princess’ side and gifts her a bouquet of roses. Little does Princess Aurora know, the elderly woman is actually Carabosse and a spindle is hidden in the bouquet. While admiring the flowers, Aurora pricks her finger and falls under spell. She is laid in her bed, destined to sleep for 100 cursed years. When the whole court falls victim to the enchanted sleep, the Lilac Fairy creates a thick forest to conceal and protect the kingdom until the curse can be broken. Enraged at having been thwarted, Carabosse slips away to plot her revenge.

A century later, there is another royal party where a young prince is being courted. Prince Désiré longs for solitude and escapes the party, and the many women there trying to charm him, by going for a walk in the forest. Carabosse has spotted him, but so has the Lilac Fairy and forest nymphs. The Lilac Fairy acts first, conjuring a vision of sleeping Princess Aurora. As if in a dream, Prince Désiré begins to dance with Aurora and falls completely in love. Hopeful, the Lilac Fairy leads him to the sleeping kingdom to find and awaken her.

Carabosse stakes out the Prince from the thorny rose thicket and pounces on him with a spell. The Lilac Fairy comes to his rescue, returning the spell against Carabosse. When Prince Désiré finally makes it to Aurora’s bedside, he falls to his knees and kisses her, breaking her curse.

The whole kingdom has awoken from their cursed sleep and rejoice in preparing the wedding between Princess Aurora and Prince Désiré. The guestlist includes beloved fairytale characters who make special appearances for this joyous event. The Lilac Fairy blesses the couple’s union and continues to watch over them, but Carabosse remains never far, awaiting her moment of reprisal.

Cast and characters


King Florestan XIV
Andrew Gidday

The Queen
Anne Dryburgh

Jean-Sébastien Couture

Roddy Doble (12, 14 eve)
Célestin Boutin (13, 14 mat)

Lilac Fairy
Myriam Simon (12, 14 eve)
Maude Sabourin (13, 14 mat)

Crystal Fountain Fairy
Kiara Flavin (12, 14 eve)
Maude Fleury (13, 14 mat)

Enchanted Garden Fairy
Anna Ishii (12, 14 eve)
Carrigan MacDonald (13, 14 mat)

Woodland Glade Fairy
Mai Kono (12, 14 eve)
Catherine Toupin (13, 14 mat)

Fairy of Songbirds
Kiara Felder (12, 14 eve)
Tatiana Lerebours (13, 14 mat)

Fairy of Golden Vine
Anya Nesvitaylo (12, 14 eve)
Alexandra Eccles (13, 14 mat)

Stefano Russiello
Enno Kleinehanding
Giuseppe Canale
Stephen Satterfield
Antoine Bertran
José Losada

Carabosse Monsters
François Gagné
Théodore Poubeau

Small Cavaliers
Elias Shanski
Nahla Desrosiers
Milan Rochon
Caleb St-Jean
Yihan Athena Chen
Roméo Gault

Quentin Nabor
Étienne Delorme
François Gagné
Théodore Poubeau
Santiago Merchant
Angel Vizcaino
Juan Sebastian Hoyos

Court Women
Catherine Toupin
Carrigan MacDonald
Tatiana Larebours
Tuesday Leduc
Sarah-Maude Laliberté
Mikaela Milic
Maude Fleury

Young Aurora
Emiko Addleman
Alice Clement
Léonore Genois

Claudia Colonna

Small monsters
Thalie Turene
Sunny Chen
Princesse-Rose Gonzalez
Héloïse Pilon


*Changes to casting can be made without prior notice.


King Florestan, The Queen, Cantalabutte, Carabosse, Lilac Fairy, and

Princess Aurora
Rachele Buriassi (12, 14 eve)
Yui Sugawara (13, 14 mat)

Prince of the North
James Lyttle

Prince of the West
Melih Mertel

Prince of the East
Graeme Fuhrman

Prince of the South
Hamilton Nieh

Aurora's Friends
Catherine Toupin
Kiara Flavin
Alexandra Eccles
Kiara Felder

Waltz of the Flowers
Rose Trahan
Gabrielle Chenard
Sahra Maira
Maude Fleury
Carrigan MacDonald
Camilla Agraso
Sarah-Maude Laliberté
Tatiana Lerebours
Giuseppe Canale
Étienne Delorme
Antoine Bertran
Théodore Poubeau
Enno Kleinehanding
Stefano Russiello
Angel Vizcaino
François Gagné

Waltz Girls
Maïté Ribeiro (12, 14 mat)
Heloísa Silveira Portell (13, 14 eve)
Yihan Athena Chen (12, 14 mat)
Laure Menu (13, 14 eve)
Nahla Desrosiers (12, 14 mat)
Sofia Chiosa Faguy (13, 14 eve)
Juliette Bernard (12, 14 mat)
Elisabeth Gallagher (13, 14 eve)

Waltz Boys
Elias Shanski
Roméo Gault (12, 14 mat)
Emmerich Chenonceaux (13, 14 eve)
Milan Rochon
Caleb St-Jean

Thalie Turene (12, 14 mat)
Princesse-Rose Gonzalesz (13, 14 eve)
Sunny Chen (12, 14 mat)
Héloïse Pilon (13, 14 eve)

* * *


Princess Aurora, Carabosse, Lilac Fairy, and

Prince Désiré
Esnel Ramos (12, 14 eve)
Roddy Doble (13, 14 mat)

The Countess
Tetyana Martyanova (12, 14 eve)
Anya Nesvitaylo (13, 14 mat)

Hunting Women
Maude Fleury
Éline Malègue
Sahra Maira
Tatiana Lerebours
Anya Nesvitaylo (12, 14 eve)
Tetyana Martyanova (13, 14 mat)

Hunting Men
Angel Vizcaino (12, 14 eve)
André Santos (13, 14 mat)
Stefano Russiello
Giuseppe Canale
Antoine Bertran
Stephen Satterfield
Enno Kleinehanding
James Lyttle

Kiara Felder
Carrigan MacDonald
Kiara Flavin
Maude Fleury
Camilla Agraso
Éline Malègue
Sarah-Maude Laliberté
Elodie Scholtes-Labrec
Catherine Toupin
Alexandra Eccles
Rose Trahan
Gabrielle Chenard
Tatiana Lerebours
Mikaela Milic
Anya Nesvitaylo
Claudia Colonna

Carabosse's Monsters
François Gagné
Théodore Poubeau
Étienne Delorme
Santiago Merchant
Juan Sebastian Hoyos
Quentin Nabor
Antoine Bertran


King Florestan, The Queen, Cantalabutte, Carabosse, Lilac Fairy, Princess Aurora, Prince Désiré, Prince of the North, Prince of the West, Prince of the East, Prince of the South, and

Ali Baba
José Losada

Diamond Fairy
Vanesa G.R. Montoya

Maude Sabourin (12, 14 eve)
Éline Malègue (13, 14 mat)
Yui Sugawara (12, 14 eve)
Tetyana Martyanova (13, 14 mat)
Anya Nesvitaylo

Stephen Satterfield

The White Cat
Kiara Felder (12, 14 eve)
Carrigan MacDonald (13, 14 mat)

André Santos (12, 14 eve)
Angel Vizcaino (13, 14 mat)

Princess Florine
Anna Ishii (12, 14 eve)
Mai Kono (13, 14 mat)

Little Red Riding Hood
Tatiana Lerebours (12, 14 eve)
Catherine Toupin (13, 14 mat)

The gray wolf
Étienne Delorme

Thalie Turene
Sunny Chen
Princesse-Rose Gonzalez
Héloïse Pilon

Snow White
Claudia Colonna

The Seven Dwarves
Elias Shanski
Nahla Desrosiers
Milan Rochon
Caleb St-Jean
Juliette Bernard
Roméo Gault
Yihan Athena Chen

Alexandra Eccles

The Beast
Enno Kleinehanding

Catherine Toupin (12, 14 eve)
Rose Trahan (13, 14 mat)

Stefano Russiello

Tuesday Leduc

Juan Sebastian Hoyos

Sarah-Maude Laliberté (12, 14 eve)
Elodie Scholtes-Labrec (13, 14 mat)

Rapunzel's Prince
Antoine Bertran (12, 14 eve)
Quentin Nabor (13, 14 mat)

Bluebeard's wife
Kiara Flavin

Santiago Merchant

Maude Fleury (12, 14 eve)
Tatiana Lerebours (13, 14 mat)

Théodore Poubeau

Carrigan MacDonald (12, 14 eve)
Camilla Agraso (13, 14 mat)

Cinderella's Prince
François Gagné

The Frog Princess
Mikaela Milic

The Frog Princess' Husband
Giuseppe Canale


Artistic Director:  Ivan Cavallari
Ballet Masters: Hervé Courtain, Marina Villanueva

Production Director: Stéphan Pépin
Technical Director: Simon Beetschen
Technical and Production Coordinator: Gabrielle Lemoine-Brin
Stage Managers: Catherine Ledoux (en congé maladie), Gabrielle Lemoine-Brin
Resident Lighting Designer: Marc Parent
Resident Sound Designer and Sound Engineer: Raymond Soly
Head Stage Carpenter: Kenneth Gregg
Assistant to Head Stage Carpenter: Mike Arnold
Head of Accessories: Pierre Berthiaume

Head Lighting Technician: Patrick Carrière
Assistant to Head Lighting Technician: Dominic Drouin
Head of Sound: Aidan MacCormack
Head of Costumes: Denise Morin
Assistant to Head of Costumes: Joël Boudreault
Head of Makeup: Sarah Ladouceur
Assistant to Head of Makeup: Véronique St-Germain
Head of Hair and Wigs: Janie Drouin
Head of Wardrobe: Mélanie Ferrero
Assistant to Head of Wardrobe: Louisanne Lamarre
Costumes Project Acount Manager: Marie-Hélène Gravel
Clerks, Wardrobe: Christelle Deforceville

Costumes Buyer: Julie Pelletier
Principal Cutter: Caroline Boisvert
First Assistant Cutter: Kéli Alexandre
Assistant Cutter: Michèle Gagné
Sewers: Emilie Tremblay-Lévesque, Cecilia Meza, Silvana Fernandez, Pamela Masseport, Natalie Talbot, Francine Viens, Isabelle St-Gelais, Zeina Khalife, Joël Boudreault, Cecilia Daïni, Gillian Meuris, Carole Jones, Hélène Falardeau, Eve Boisvert, Anabel Caron
Interns: Yeelen Stanislas, Claudelle Dextraze
Dye and Textile Artists: Valérie Delacroix
External Cutter: Julie Sauriol
Wigs: Cybèle Perruques, Denis Parent

Technicians and dressers, IATSE Members, local 56 and 863

NAC Orchestra

Yosuke Kawasaki (concertmaster)**
Jessica Linnebach (associate concertmaster)
Noémi Racine Gaudreault (assistant concertmaster)
Elaine Klimasko**
Marjolaine Lambert
Jeremy Mastrangelo
Manuela Milani
Frédéric Moisan
Andréa Armijo Fortin*
Martine Dubé*
Erica Miller*
Heather Schnarr* 

Mintje van Lier (principal)
Winston Webber (assistant principal)**
Mark Friedman
Carissa Klopoushak
Leah Roseman
Edvard Skerjanc**
Karoly Sziladi
Emily Westell
Renée London*
Sara Mastrangelo*

Jethro Marks (principal)
David Marks (associate principal)
David Goldblatt (assistant principal)
Paul Casey
Ren Martin-Doike
David Thies-Thompson

Rachel Mercer (principal)
Julia MacLaine (assistant principal)
Timothy McCoy
Marc-André Riberdy
Leah Wyber
Thaddeus Morden*

Michael Chiarello (guest principal)*
Hilda Cowie (acting assistant principal)
Marjolaine Fournier
Vincent Gendron

Joanna G’froerer (principal)
Stephanie Morin
Kaili Maimets*

Charles Hamann (principal)
Anna Petersen
Melissa Scott*

Anna Petersen

Kimball Sykes (principal)
Sean Rice

Christopher Millard (principal)
Vincent Parizeau

Lawrence Vine (principal)**
Julie Fauteux (associate principal)
Elizabeth Simpson
Lauren Anker
Louis-Pierre Bergeron
Olivier Brisson*

Karen Donnelly (principal)**
Curtis Dietz (guest principal)*
Benjamin Raymond (guest principal)*
Steven van Gulik
Andrea MacDougall*

Donald Renshaw (principal)
Colin Traquair**
Matthew Rowsell*

Douglas Burden

Chris Lee (principal)

Feza Zweifel (principal)

Jonathan Wade
Tim Francom*
Andrew Johnson*
Matthew Moore*

Angela Schwarzkopf*

Frédéric Lacroix*

Nancy Elbeck

Corey Rempel

Meiko Lydall

Laurie Shannon

*Additional musicians
**On leave
Non-titled members of the Orchestra are listed alphabetically

NAC Dance team

Cathy Levy, Executive Producer  
Tina Legari, Associate Producer  
Mireille Nicholas, Special Projects Coordinator and Assistant to the Executive Producer 
Sophie Anka, Company Manager 

Siôned Watkins, Education Associate and Teaching Artist 
Brian Britton, Technical Director 
Julie Gunville, Communications Strategist  
Chatelaine Rindorindo, Marketing Strategist