October 22, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Ballet BC

GARDEN • The Statement • Bedroom Folk
  • GARDEN Staging,
    Rupert Tookey

    Sound Designer,
    Pierre Pontvianne

    Lighting and Stage Designer,
    Theun Mosk

    Associate Lighting Designer,
    James Proudfoot

    Costume Designers,
    Medhi Walerski
    Joke Visser

  • Bedroom Folk Assistant to the Choreographer,
    Tom Weinberger

    Ori Lichtik

    Lighting Designer,
    Thierry Dreyfus

    Lighting Director,
    Alon Cohen

    Costume Designer,
    Rebecca Hytting

  • The Statement Assistants to the Choreographer,
    Roger van der Poel
    Rena Narumi

    Owen Belton

    Jonathon Young

    Vocal Performances,
    Meg Roe
    Colleen Wheeler
    Andrew Wheeler
    Jonathan Young

    Lighting Designer,
    Tom Visser

    Stage Designer,
    Jay Gower Taylor

    Costume Designers,
    Crystal Pite
    Joke Visser

NAC Dance team

Cathy Levy, Executive Producer  
Tina Legari, Associate Producer  
Mireille Nicholas, Special Projects Coordinator and Assistant to the Executive Producer 
Sophie Anka, Company Manager 
Siôned Watkins, Education Associate and Teaching Artist 
Brian Britton, Technical Director 
Livia Belcea, Communications Strategist  
Chatelaine Rindorindo, Marketing Strategist