Anne Plamondon Productions

Counter Cantor & Only You
  • Choreography Anne Plamondon
  • Choreography, Counter Cantor Emma Portner
  • Performers, Counter Cantor Amara Barner, Belinda McGuire
  • Performers, Only You Anne Plamondon, James Gregg
  • Music, Counter Cantor Olivier Fairfield, Dustin O’Hallora, Travis Lake
  • Lighting Design, Counter Cantor Simon Rossiter, Nicolas Descôteaux
  • Videography, Counter Cantor Robin Pineda Gould
  • Assistants to the choreographer Paco Ziel, Alisia Pobega
  • Sound design, Only You Olivier Fairfield with additional music by Ezio Bosso, Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason, Nina Simone, Dimitri Tiomkin & Ned Washington
  • Lighting Design, Only You Nicolas Descôteaux
  • Costume design, Only You Marilène Bastien
  • Set design, Only You Marilène Bastien and Anne Plamondon, and the work of visual artist Hua Jin
  • Dramaturgy, Only You Mathieu Leroux & Anne Plamondon
  • Technical direction, Only You Pierre Lavoie
  • Production direction, Only You Rachel Locas

NAC Dance team

Cathy Levy, Executive Producer  
Tina Legari, Associate Producer  
Mireille Nicholas, Special Projects Coordinator and Assistant to the Executive Producer 
Sophie Anka, Company Manager 

Siôned Watkins, Education Associate and Teaching Artist 
Brian Britton, Technical Director 
Julie Gunville, Communications Strategist  
Chatelaine Rindorindo, Marketing Strategist