Where the Blood Mixes

Là où le sang se mêle (Québec)
  • By Kevin Loring
  • Translated and directed by Charles Bender
  • Production A Menuentakuan production in collaboration with Teesri Duniya Theatre
  • Co-presented Co-presented in French by Zones Théâtrales
  • Distribution Marco Collin : Floyd, Soleil Launière : Christine, Charles Bender : Quêteux, Emilie Monnet : June, Xavier Huard : Georges
  • Assistant director Elaine Normandeau
  • Production manager Line Noël
  • Lighting design and technical mentoring Geoff Levine
  • Sound design Moe Clark, Laura Niquay, Quinn Bonnell, Travis Mercredi, En collaboration avec Musique Nomade
  • Costumes design and decorations Xavier Mary