Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

  • Created by Hannah Moscovitch, Christian Barry and Ben Caplan.
  • Songs by Ben Caplan & Christian Barry* *Except for Traveler’s Curse by Geoff Berner and The Happy People by Danny Rubenstein **Additional Music Composed by Graham Scott
  • Set Designers Louisa Adamson and Christian Barry
  • Lighting Designers Louisa Adamson and Christian Barry
  • Sound Designers Jordan Palmer, Graham Scott, Christian Barry et Ben Caplan
  • Costume Designer Carly Beamish
  • Assistant Director Laura Vingoe-Cram
  • Voice and Speech Coach Susan Stackhouse
  • Production Manager and Stage Manager Louisa Adamson
  • Tech Manager, Sound Engineer & Operator Rory Howson
  • Rehearsal Stage Manager Christine Oakey
  • Rehearsal Production Assistant Patricia Vinluan