September 2020 Update on Live Performances and Events at the NAC.
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Un spectacle, mêlant mouvements du corps, musique et effets cinétiques, qui nous immerge dans un monde abyssal fascinant Delphine Tanguy, Le Télégramme

NAC Presentation

On the shore she finds a bottle. 
A pretext for an underwater voyage.

The quay recedes in the distance.
Eyes open to colours, movements and sounds,
To their echoes and reverberations.

Little bubbles of harmony in H2O.

And the jellyfish enjoy her darting to and fro
Whispering that she should plunge even deeper below

Down to the abyss.

After their 2012 play Édredon, Les Incomplètes (Audrey Marchand, Laurence P. Lafaille and Josiane Bernier) are back at the Théâtre français with Eaux : poésie aquatique pour corps et contrebasse. Driven by a desire to create a theatre of imagery that is open to the other arts, the three accomplices present here a moving and ingenious piece. Accompanied by Symon Marcoux (bassist) and Philippe Lessard Drolet (inventor of motorized creatures), they once again invite babies, children and parents to a charming dreamland. A peaceful, calming performance where surprise and wonder abound.

video: Eaux
© Nicola Frank Vachon
© Nicola Frank Vachon
© Nicola Frank Vachon