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Illustrations : Rocket 57
Family programming Music

Tunetown: Pre-Concert Activities
Free learn-and-play activities in the lobbies organized by the Friends of the NAC Orchestra begin 45 minutes prior to each concert.

Max and his dog Presto discover a magical scroll that sends them to a tumultuous South American country where the evil wizard Adalberto has spread discord. The intrepid duo, with the help of the NAC Orchestra and the audience, tries to reunite the people through music with a Latin beat.

NAC co-commission with Platypus Theatre

This series is made possible in part by the National Youth and Education Trust. The Trust is supported by Lead Partner CIBC, Michael Potter, supporters and patrons of the annual NAC Gala and the donors of the NAC Foundation Corporate Club and Donors’ Circle.

Illustrations : Rocket 57
Illustrations : Rocket 57