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McGill Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1 © Dominick Gravel

Schulich School of Music of McGill University

2022 Northern Cadence International Jazz Series

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  Mar 31, 2022 - 12 PM EDT

The National Arts Centre Orchestra presents the 2022 Northern Cadence International Jazz Series : three mini jazz concerts from three schools in three different countries!

The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, the Manhattan School of Music in New York, USA, and the Schulich School of Music of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, have prepared 30-minute concerts featuring their faculty and students performing original and standard repertoire together. 

Inspired by the NAC Orchestra’s 2022 Tour, Truth in Our Time, in which NACO presents the world premiere of Philip Glass’s newest work, each school’s jazz ensemble will select repertoire based around this theme.

McGill Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1


Id3, Philippe Côté

Alternative Facts, Bryn Roberts

Circadia, Philippe Côté or A Tiny Prayer to Father Time, Philippe Côté

Satyagraha, Philip Glass, Constance De Jong*

*There will be three or four short interludes between pieces arranged by Philippe Côté.
© 1980 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc. Used by Permission.  


QUESTION PERIOD (20 minutes) 

McGill Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1

Director: Philippe Côté

Alexandre Colas-Jeffrey, soprano and alto saxophone, flute

Matthew Souaid, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet

Anthony Paolini, tenor saxophone

Sarah Amahrit, French horn

Joseph Machak, trumpet

Nicolas Riverin, trumpet

Margaret Donovan, trombone

François Stevenson, vibraphone

Daniel Marmer, guitar

Bryn Roberts, piano

Felix Hartley, bass

Hugh Kline, drums  


The Schulich School of Music of McGill University is one of Canada’s finest comprehensive music schools known for its excellence in professional training and research. With a stand-out jazz program, Schulich aims to create a place and space for community and creative encounters to bring music to life. Students come from across the country to take classes including Jazz Theory and Harmony, Keyboard, History, Performance Practice, Improvisation, Composition and Arranging with a top-notch faculty. 

With twenty student combos and counting, Schulich also has two award-winning jazz orchestras, two rhythm-section ensembles, a jazz choir, and chamber jazz orchestras. 

The Chamber Jazz Ensemble 1 offers a unique opportunity for discovery and collaboration, as many arrangements are crafted specifically for the ensemble! The dynamic and challenging new repertoire embraces Canadian composers, traditional and contemporary jazz masterworks, and music written and arranged by Schulich students. 

Join us in these casual jazz encounters where three schools collide and learn from each other. Audience participation is encouraged! Ask your questions in the chat during the live session.

On April 2, the three 30-minute concerts will be featured as a 90-minute concert, presented by the NAC and live streamed from our website and on Facebook.

About NACO’s Truth In Our Time 2022 Tour

NACO is back on the road this spring with the Truth in Our Time 2022 Tour, making stops in Toronto, New York, and Ottawa.

Under the direction of Alexander Shelley, and featuring violin soloists James Ehnes (Gramophone Artist of the Year 2021) and Blake Pouliot, NACO presents the world premiere of Philip Glass’s Symphony No. 13, a work commissioned by the Orchestra on the theme “Truth in Our Time”, as well as exhilarating and moving pieces by Canadian composer Nicole Lizée, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Erich Korngold. Celebrate with us this exciting orchestral experience!

Philip Glass’s moving Symphony No 13 is a tribute to Canadian-American journalist Peter Jennings. Mr. Jennings was not only a highly respected news anchor for ABC News, he was also a trustee of Carnegie Hall during his years in New York City, the founding director of the American chapter of the Friends of the NAC Orchestra, and served as a lifelong champion of Canadian artists.


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