October 2020 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

International Association of Musically Gifted Children

This event has passed

Gala Piano concert of Winners of International Association for Musically Gifted Children (IAMGC), Inc. International Contest 2012, students of European Academy of Music and Art, Inc (Maryland, USA) under tutelage of Dr. Bella E. Oster.

The concert dedicated to canadian virtuoso pianist and composer Salomon Mazurette.

The European Academy of Music and Art, Inc., (EAMA, Inc.) was established in 1991 by Dr. Bella Eugenia Oster in Maryland. The school bases on European teaching method and high standards at the international level for instrumental performance. EAMA, Inc. specializes mostly on piano performance and develops other instrumental departments such as strings, winds, theory and history of music, composition, etc. The school focuses on the
intellectual development of children through piano performance and training students’ ability to perform in public with wide and exciting repertoire consisting of pieces at high level of difficulty.

The school is affiliated with the International Associations for Musically Gifted Children, Inc. (IAMGCI) which helps children, ages 3 to 18, as well as adult’s students to participate in most advanced internationally recognized program from Pre-K through 12th grade. Dr. Bella Eugenia Oster who is the Principal of EAMA, Inc. was born in Uzbekistan (USSR), and received her Ph.D. in Development of Intellectual Abilities of Children through Piano Performance from Uzbek State National University in Tashkent, USSR. She taught music in Uzbekistan, Austria, and Italy for many years before coming to the United States in 1990.

Dr. Oster has 41 years experience as a music educator for young children (ages from 3 to 18) and college students. She is Principal and Professor of Piano Performance at EAMA, Inc., President of IAMGC, Inc., and Vice -President of the Recognition Board of the World Congress of Arts, Sciences, and Communications, Cambridge, England. Dr. Oster was selected as an outstanding musician of the 20th century from World Bibliography Center, Cambridge, UK.She is also an international advisor for piano pedagogy for the same organization. Dr. Oster permanently serves as a judge for a large number of national and international competitions, and systematically provides master classes. Through a unique teaching method of Dr. Oster, her students have maintained very high international achievements with piano performance and have been recorded on numerous CDs, have been profiled on International and National TV programs, magazines and newspapers. A large number of her students have been winners in international, national and state competitions. They have performed in The White House, The State Department, The Pentagon, The U.S. Capitol, The United Nations, numerous Embassies in Washington D.C., The World Bank, Carnegie Hall, New York, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C, Lincoln Center, Strathmore (Maryland), Goethe Institute (NY), Kosciuszko Foundation (DC) and other National organizations; Steinway and Bechstein Piano Centers and many International Congress and Forums, Harvard University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, Yale University, Cornell University, Oxford University, Cambridge University in UK and many other colleges and universities, hospitals and medical centers, children organizations, retirement community, professional organizations and other venues.

Dr. Oster is establisher of special project “Music Culture of the World” which demonstrates richness of music heritage and offers to her students to learn, publicly perform and educate audience with piano repertoire featuring all of the world (well-known or rare performed) composers, multitude of styles ranging from Baroque to Contemporary.