April 8, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
Kevin Loring © Red Works Photography

Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer

Play reading

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Kevin Loring © Red Works Photography
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Facebook Live event

Join us for this free livestream reading of the play Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer, written by NAC Indigenous Theatre artistic director and award-winning playwright, Kevin Loring.

About the play:

Little Red Warrior is the last remaining member of the Little Red Warrior First Nation. One day, he discovers a development company has begun construction on his ancestral lands. In a fit of rage, Little Red attacks one of the engineers and is arrested for assault and trespassing on his own lands. In jail he meets his court-appointed lawyer, Larry, and they continue to fight for Little Red’s Land Rights.

Featuring Sam Bob, Kevin McNulty, Luisa Jojic, Shekar Paleja and Billy Merasty

Directed by Kevin Loring

This livestream will take place on NAC Indigenous Theatre’s Facebook page.

The livestream reading will be available to watch online for 24 hours after the live reading has taken place.

Kevin Loring © Red Works Photography