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Opera Candy © Antoine Saito
Opera Candy © Antoine Saito
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This workshop is the fourth in a series of four musical creation workshops in a virtual format that prepare audiences for the concert Opera Candy: The Gourmet Adventure of Hansel and Gretel.

Sing the Hansel and Gretel song! Opera singers, like athletes, have to train a lot. In this final workshop you’ll be able to sing along with a real opera singer!

Discover the rich world of opera through Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel! Immerse yourself in a world of vocal experiences: make vocalizations, explore registers and find your own range. You can even learn a tune and choreography so that you can sing and dance like Hansel and Gretel. Once the impressive job of the opera singer has been demystified, you will see that there is no hocus pocus involved!

Duration of each workshop: Approximately 30 minutes, series of four workshops over a four-week period

Presented in association with Jeunesses Musicales Canada

Approximately 30 minutes long

Activity hours

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Opera Candy © Antoine Saito


  • Gabriela Iznardo ©Jeunesses Musicales Canada
    Host (English) Gabriela Iznardo
  • Aurélie Négrier ©Jeunesses Musicales Canada
    Host (French) Aurélie Négrier
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  • Concept Aurélie Négrier
  • Original idea Myriam Laroche
  • Musician contributors Cécile Muhire, Charlotte Gagnon, Guillaume Rodrigue, Carl Matthieu Neher