May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
© Julie Charland

Depuis la grève

Ages 3 to 6

May 2021

  1. May 22 2021



  2. May 23 2021



© Julie Charland
A heart adrift

A maritime set, beautiful projections of deep-sea fishing, an endearing woman waiting for the arrival of a baby and a husband: this is an ideal work for very young audiences. We settle on the theatrical shore ... we savour the moment.

Smooth and round as a stone polished by the roll of the waves, this show revels in time and slowness. A pregnant woman patiently awaits the return of her fisher husband. We accompany her in her routine, her everyday gestures and the simplicity of loving silently. The cries of seagulls mingle with those of toddlers amazed by the many ingenious visuals concocted by Les Incomplètes, long-time friends of the NAC. The stage becomes a raft on which our viewer-hearts voyage to the rhythm of the wind and waves.

Depending on public health guidelines, this performance will be presented at the NAC.

The performance is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes with no intermission.

Performance is approximately 30 minutes with no intermission.

© Julie Charland
© Émilie Dumais
© Émilie Dumais
© Émilie Dumais
© Émilie Dumais


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  • Developed and directed by Josiane Bernier, Audrey Marchand and Laurence P Lafaille
  • Performer Annabelle Pelletier Legros
  • Stage design Vano Hotton
  • Lighting Keven Dubois
  • Sound Miriane Rouillard
  • Video Josiane Roberge
  • Music Benoît Fortier and Liette Remon
  • Costumes Danielle Boutin
  • Produced by Les Incomplètes