An adventure in Portuguese-Canadian cuisine

with Montreal-based chef Helena Loureiro

Culinary events

Experience the latest in the Resident Chef dinner series as Chef Helena Loureiro joins us from Montreal to collaborate with NAC Executive Chef Kenton Leier on a brilliant menu inspired by the recipes her grandmother introduced her to in Portugal as a child.

It has been her passion since those early days to share her family’s culture, recipes and love for creating exceptional food with the people of her adopted home in Montreal, which she has done with immense success.

She opened the doors to her first restaurant, Portus Calle, in 2003, and has since opened another restaurant called Helena, as well as a gourmet market and coffee place known as Cantinho de Lisboa. Her first restaurant is now located in the former ‘Tour de ville’, Montreal’s legendary revolving restaurant, which has now been re-named Portus 360.

We’re beyond excited to have Chef Helena Loureiro here with us and we hope you’ll join us in experiencing Portuguese cuisine through her unique perspective, talent and unsurpassed culinary skill.