May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Fanfare ahead! Warning: spec-ten-tacular vibrations!

Eight musicians are about to whisk you away, like an octopus with its arms. You’ll be captivated from the first note when this band of innovative musicians dazzle with an array of vibrant new and reinvented Eastern European tunes. Resistance is futile. The energy is infectious. So go ahead, get up and dance!

Oktopus is packed with brilliant and inspiring instrumentalists. Together, they jazz up their musical influences to deliver their unique take on klezmer music. In a word, it’s spec-ten-tacular!

Performance is approximately 30 minutes with no intermission.

© Eric Berteau
© Remi Hermoso


  • Clarinet, composition and arrangements: Gabriel Paquin-Buki
  • Violin: Veronica Ungureanu
  • Flute: Marilène Provencher-Leduc
  • Bass trombone: Matthieu Bourget
  • Tenor trombone: Madeleine Doyon-Robitaille
  • Trumpet: Francis Pigeon
  • Piano and accordion: Guillaume Martineau
  • Drums and percussions: Maxime Philippe