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Alexandra Stréliski © Raphael Ouellet
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Alexandra Stréliski © Raphael Ouellet
Music Piano

One of the rare women in the neoclassical world, Alexandra Stréliski creates music that
enthralls listeners, filling their minds with rich, cinematic images. An artist of Polish Jewish origin
who grew up between Paris and Montreal, she made her debut with the 2010 album
Pianoscope. The general public discovered her via Jean-Marc Vallée’s films Dallas Buyers Club
(2013), Demolition (2016) and the trailer of the acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies (2017).
More recently, “Plus tôt” and “Changing Winds,” songs from her upcoming album INSCAPE,
were heard on Sharp Objects (HBO, 2018). Building on this momentum, the composer and
musician is ready to make her next artistic statement, due out in October 2018 on Secret City

“To me,” says Stréliski, “Inscape was an existential crisis. A year where everything capsized and
I had to go through various interior landscapes – hectic, beautiful and painful at the same time.”
In her attempt to fill a certain emotional emptiness, she follows a creative urge that commits to
taking the listener back to a form of lost sincerity. “A piano, on its own, is a very vulnerable
thing, and I want to share this moment with the listener.”

The aforementioned support of Jean-Marc Vallée, which allowed Stréliski’s music to be heard
during the Oscars ceremony, brought her streaming numbers up to nearly 15 million streams.
UK newspaper The Telegraph praised her debut album as “distinguishable by its simplicity, its
sensitivity and softness” and “imbued with both melancholy and light.”

video: Alexandra Stréliski - Plus tôt
Alexandra Stréliski - Plus tôt
Alexandra Stréliski © Raphael Ouellet
Alexandra Stréliski © Le Petit Russe
Alexandra Stréliski © Raphael Ouellet
Alexandra Stréliski © Le Petit Russe