© Illustration by Lorraine Beaudoin

Le grand bal de Noël

This event has passed
© Illustration by Lorraine Beaudoin

From their distant home on an ice floe, three penguin musicians have waddled all the way to the North Pole for the great Christmas party. But what a disappointment: they’re refused admission! To get in, they have to perform an original Christmas song. For Amatin, Ademain and Atemplein, making up a Christmas song on the spot is quite a challenge. Will the three chums find inspiration? Will they be ready in time for the dazzling celebration? Help them out and come along to the party! After all, Christmas is about more than just a song.

Performed in French only at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.

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© Illustration by Lorraine Beaudoin
  • trombone Marc Fortin
  • banjo Pierre Blais
  • sousaphone Jean Sabourin