Dar Williams
Dar Williams
Music Singer/Songwriter Folk

Dar Williams has been called “one of America’s very best singer-songwriters” by The New Yorker. She’s released ten studio albums and authored four books. In the spring of 2015, just before setting out on tour for her ninth studio album, Dar Williams signed a contract with Basic Books, now Hachette Publishing Group. In September 2017, she started touring new venues, speaking in bookstores and at city planning conferences in support of her book.  2018 was a time to deepen her connection to these themes of town and city building and planning as Dar gave keynote speeches. It was also the year for a very emotional and exciting reunion of Cry, Cry, Cry, where the trio returned to sing songs by newer songwriters. Dar still loves every minute of her job and always advises folks to “follow their muse.” She still goes wherever her muse leads her, which, presently, is right back on her couch, coffee on the coffee table, guitar in hand, writing her next batch of songs.

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