May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Néon Boréal - Episode 4: The One With The Birthday Program


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© Sylvain Sabatié

From the commercial fryers of the White Castle restaurant to the icy S.O.S. signals of the ship Aurora Arctic, we will cover nearly 5,000 kilometres to reconstruct, against winds, tides and chapels, the thread of a love story cast adrift. We will shout “Long live the bride and groom!” as we would shout “Mayday!” An unexpected episode, a tragic tale that caught the entire Néon Boréal production team off guard.

© Sylvain Sabatié


  • Written by Josianne T. Lavoie and Louis-Philippe Roy
  • Directed by Pierre-Antoine Lafon Simard
  • Produced by Théâtre du Trillium (Ottawa, ON) and Sous la Hotte (Gatineau, QC)
  • With Sabrina Bisson, Dany Boudreault, Alexandre-David Gagnon and Ines Talbi
  • Lights Emilio Sebastiao
  • Assistant director Louis-Philippe Roy
  • Dramaturgy consultant Dominique Lafon
  • Musical direction Navet Confit
  • Radio design Julien Morissette