Playwright: Lionel Lehouillier © Nancy Mcl
Francophone Theatre Lecture

This is the story of Cleopatra, who regrets her lost innocence: “green in judgement, cold in blood.”

It’s the story of Antony, of his birth, of Cleopatra’s death.

But above all, it’s the story of Lionel and his inner child, who’s playing in the driveway. Of the day that little boy claimed his place in the world; the day everything got complicated; the day the whole gender thing became an issue. It’s also the story of Dillon, of a friendship, of another point of view, of another perspective on gender and the French language, that bitch ...

With a healthy dose of self-deprecation, Laitue Matinale looks at who we are, who we’re expected to be, and the social desire deeply rooted in the French language to categorize absolutely everything.

Dillon Orr is a Franco-Ontarian theatre director whose main interest is developing and producing new plays. His practice highlights the individual in contemporary society, and in his productions he strives to capture the evolution of social psychology and change.

Theatre artist Lionel Lehouillier is the creator of a bilingual (QSL and French) theatre of objects show, Les enfants valises, and several other original plays, including L’Iliade pour les nuls (Théâtre Uiviit) and Ce pilon à patate est un demi-dieu grec : le rôle de l’acteur-manipulateur dans le théâtre d’objets (University of Ottawa). He is passionate about social justice and such diverse topics as gender identity, neurodiversity and the deaf community. Lionel’s aim is to create accessible and playful theatre that addresses pressing current issues through non-traditional performance methods.

Playwright: Lionel Lehouillier © Nancy Mcl


  • Written by Lionel Lehouillier and Dillon Orr
  • Produced by Théâtre le Trillium