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Aline Morales

VivaFest 2019

Aline Morales & Rommel Ribeiro

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Aline Morales
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Since arriving in Canada in 2003, Brazilian-born Morales has become well known locally as a dynamic singer, percussionist and bandleader. However, it was her debut solo album that brought national attention to this unique artist.

Released in 2011, "Flores, Tambores e Amores" has met with widespread critical acclaim and reached #1 on Canada’s Folk/World charts. It has appeared on several Best of 2011 lists and has earned a Juno nomination for Best Album. David Dacks writes in The Grid, “Simply put, Aline Morales’ self-released Flores, Tambores e Amores may be the finest Brazilian album ever produced in Canada.” An ambitious and eclectic record, Flores is rooted in classic Brazilian song styles such as samba, forró, Northeastern folk music and 1960’s Tropicalia. Yet, it inhabits its own unique musical world where traces of Italian film scores, African sounds, avant garde poetry and vintage synths ebb and flow.


Rommel Ribeiro launches “Caminho de Vento”, a vibrant new album that carries with it, the impact of his musical explorations around the world. Faithful to his origins, Rommel once again unites a global group of musicians in this conceptually intercultural and multilingual record. One of the lead tracks, “Okunin Oko”,is influenced by theAfro-Brazilian tradition, Candomblé, and holds a message from a sage to a young hunter: be wise. Vovo Saramanda, a renowned percussionist, composed the lyrics of the songin Yoruba, a West-African language. In collaboration with a dozen musicians, Rommel delivers original songs that explore new links between reggae, funk, and jazz, and the many musical stylings of Brazil, his motherland so rich in sound and colour. Having been named “ World Music Revelation” by CBC/Radio Canada while opening for iconic Brazilian singer-songwriter Gilberto Gil at the Place of the Arts in 2012,

Rommel went on wow European audiences with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts. There, he perfected his practice in Liverpool, city of music and home of The Beatles, and toured through the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

a collaboration by NAC Presents, Lula Music and Arts Centre & Axé WorldFest

video: Rommel Ribeiro - Caminho de Vento
Rommel Ribeiro - Caminho de Vento
video: Aline Morales
Aline Morales "Rosa" - Live at Bavia Studio
Aline Morales
Rommel Ribeiro