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Bascaille © Kristof Lauwers
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Bascaille © Kristof Lauwers
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Who doesn’t dream to explore behind the scene of a theatre? Here is your chance: Three surprise micro-concerts as you tour behind the scenes at the NAC. Ready for an adventure? Let’s go!

Limited Availability- Access for only 75 people

Jesse Stewart

Writing and performance: Jesse Stewart

Jesse Stewart can play anything. He's been known to give a concert in a kitchen with nothing more than the usual things lying around. Here, the inventive musician has a new venue to work with, where he can mess with whatever he finds, plus the trusty unconventional instrument he likes to lug along with him to double the fun.


Writing and performance: Tom Jacques, Olivier Tremblay Noël and Antoine Létourneau B. 
Production: Bascaille

Three percussionists enter. These ingenious musicians from the Lower St. Lawrence like to surprise audiences with curious instruments like their Patente à découdre, which looks like a treadle sewing machine with a muffler on top, and sounds like it's going into battle, or their Bois Deboutte, standing pieces of lumber that somehow make music. They're bound to surprise again – maybe even in the dark.

Les Incomplètes

Writing and staging: Audrey Marchand and Laurence P Lafaille
Choreography and performance: Josiane Bernier  Bass: Symon Marcoux
Production: Les Incomplètes

Josiane Bernier and Symon Marcoux enter and smile invitingly. She's a dancer; he's a bass player. Together, they take us from the shore to unsuspected watery depths. Movement and music create waves that softly rock us in an imaginary aquatic world. Come on, let's dive in! 

Performance is approximately 60 minutes with no intermission.

video: Music Rooms
Music Rooms
Bascaille © Kristof Lauwers
Les Incomplètes © Kristof Lauwers
Les Incomplètes © Kristof Lauwers
Jesse Stewart © Kristof Lauwers