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Floating down the hills from Quebec's upper Gatineau, the haunting ethereal sounds of Outside I'm a Giant carry poetic homage to Leonard Cohen along with the unconventional structure and "art first" honesty of Gordon Lightfoot's music.

Jeremi Pierre Caron, the songwriter of this touring ambient folk band, drew inspiration from his family's much-loved river hideaway for many of the songs released in their acclaimed 2017 debut album, Point Comfort. Combining acoustic guitar, pedal steel, violin, mandolin, clarinet and harmonica, this four-piece band creates atmospheric, richly layered songs from the heart and hearth that deliver you gently to a calm and peaceful place. Lingering contemplation of nature and human nature is in abundance here.

Based in Hull, Quebec, Outside I'm a Giant was founded in early 2016 by Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jérémi Pierre Caron. Jérémi called upon two talented multi-instrumentalists from previous projects, Samuelle Desjardins, (violin and mandolin), and long-time collaborator Pascal Desgagné (pedal steel, mandolin and harmonica) to form Outside I'm a Giant.  Later in 2017 Gabriel Bouchard brought his easy laughter, clarinet, bass clarinet and harmonies to the group.

Their debut album, Point Comfort, was released in October 2017 to a sold-out audience at their favourite venue, The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec. They are currently back in the studio recording their sophomore album, their first as a four-piece band. The second album from this relentlessly creative group will offer listeners more of the soothing sounds they have come to love and some delightful new discoveries.

video: Fishing With Jim
Fishing With Jim
video: Point Comfort
Point Comfort