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Pacifica Quartet

Noon Hour Concerts

September 2018

  1. Sep 18 2018


  2. Sep 19 2018


  3. Sep 20 2018


Pacifica Quartet © Lisa Marie Mazzucco

Make the most of your noon hour by strolling over to the NAC to take in a relaxing concert of chamber music. The Focus Festival brings you six noon-hour concerts, one for every weekday of the 10-day festival and each one presenting a choice of Beethoven String quartets. 

Taking place at the Glass Thorsteinson Staircase, the stunning floor-to-ceiling windows offer gorgeous views of Parliament Hill and the Château Laurier. Delight in a sublimely leisurely lunch-hour...for FREE! 

September 18, 19 and 20: Grammy Award winning Pacifica Quartet perform Beethoven String Quartets  No.7 in F major, Op.59 No.1 (Sept. 18 in Peter A. Herrndorf Place),   No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Op. 131 (Sept. 19 in the Glass & Thorsteinsen Staircase) and  No. 15 in A minor Op. 132 (Sept. 20 in the Glass & Thorsteinsen Staircase)

Pacifica Quartet © Lisa Marie Mazzucco