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ALA.NI’s performance at the 2015 Montreal International Jazz Festival enthralled and amazed her audience. Since then, she has released her 12-track album on the renowned Paris-based label No format! on March 6 2016 in Europe, a record that evolved from 4 EPs released over each season in 2015.

Among ALA.NI’s ancestors is great uncle Leslie Hutchinson, A.K.A Hutch, an international music-hall star from the 1930s who helped her find her path. ALA.NI has sung alongside huge talents including Andrea Bocelli, Mary J Blige and Blur. On this debut album (recorded in London), she signs of timeless things; of love & romance and its strange, silver edges, and of the seasons of a painful relationship that flowered with springs blossoms and died under winter's snowfall. The songs are astonishing, and blend styles like jazz, trip-hop, soul and blues. You & I lifts off the shackles from our senses and our hearts, and tells us all about one extraordinary woman and her journey.

video: ALA.NI - Cherry Blossom (Official Video)
ALA.NI - Cherry Blossom (Official Video)