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Music Singer/Songwriter Folk

$10 Student tickets available in advance for this show, with valid student card.

Hannah Epperson :

A fragile explosion of colour, tenderness, and sublime verse. Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson arranges musical landscapes without indulgence or over-saturation.

Hannah's breadth as a collaborative and compositional powerhouse stems from from an eclectic experiential and educational background: from learning Appalachian folk tunes by ear with a cowgirl in Utah, to travelling through Scandinavia and Europe as an accompanist; or from touring her solo project by sailboat with permaculturists to accompanying Flamenco dancers in Spain.

Having gained a critical following in 2017, Hannah Epperson is poised to emerge as a gem of Canada’s art-pop underground.

Keturah Johnson :

Keturah Johnson is an artist who traverses the deep caverns of her mind through music. Since 2009, Keturah has made a name for herself in Ottawa making music that resonates with audiences of varied tastes.

Keturah’s experiences coming up through Ottawa’s music scene as a solo artist has helped propel her to new heights as a musician, and have afforded her the opportunity to play in renowned bands such as Hilotrons and Little Scream. Since co-founding the folk-noir ensemble called The Heavy Medicine Band in 2013, she has honed her songwriting and enthralled audiences and listeners alike with brooding guitar tones and soaring vocal melodies. The recent inclusion of a looping pedal has added a new dimension to her compositions, providing a more robust and refined sound.

Keturah Johnson’s voice is as electrifying in the studio as it is live—the sheer impact of her songwriting and abilities cannot be understated. If there is a defining aspect of Keturah’s music that must be highlighted, it is her ability to entrance listeners with her stage presence, profound lyricism, and unforgettable vocals. She commands unwavering attention until the last note is played and final lyric is sung.

Tickets are available at the NAC Box Office until 6:30 pm the day of the show.

There is no charge to be in the Fourth Stage between 6:30 and 8:00 pm on Fridays.

If you haven’t bought a ticket but want to stay for the show, a cover charge is applicable. $15 for adults | $10 for students.

video: Hannah Epperson - 40 Numbers
Hannah Epperson - 40 Numbers
video: Hannah Epperson - Story (Amelia) {Official Music Video}
Hannah Epperson - Story (Amelia) {Official Music Video}
video: Hannah Epperson - Circles (Iris)
Hannah Epperson - Circles (Iris)
video: Hannah Epperson - Brother
Hannah Epperson - Brother
video: The Heavy Medicine Band - River (live on Rogers TV)
The Heavy Medicine Band - River (live on Rogers TV)