A fragile explosion of colour, tenderness, and sublime verse. Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson arranges musical landscapes without indulgence or over-saturation.

Hannah's breadth as a collaborative and compositional powerhouse stems from from an eclectic experiential and educational background: from learning Appalachian folk tunes by ear with a cowgirl in Utah, to travelling through Scandinavia and Europe as an accompanist; or from touring her solo project by sailboat with permaculturists to accompanying Flamenco dancers in Spain.

Having gained a critical following in 2017, Hannah Epperson is poised to emerge as a gem of Canada’s art-pop underground.

video: Hannah Epperson - 40 Numbers
Hannah Epperson - 40 Numbers
video: Hannah Epperson - Story (Amelia) {Official Music Video}
Hannah Epperson - Story (Amelia) {Official Music Video}
video: Hannah Epperson - Circles (Iris)
Hannah Epperson - Circles (Iris)
video: Hannah Epperson - Brother
Hannah Epperson - Brother