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Warning: do NOT eat the blue candy. It could be an alien’s eyeball, and then anything could happen! In Larry Tremblay’s cosmogony, strange things can become real, especially if they enter the orbit of the puppets from the Théâtre de l’Œil!

The grass is always bluer on the other side of the fence

Marco meets Marco Bleu. He’s a mirror image of Marco, except he’s all blue. On his planet, it’s always a holiday; there are gift machines and a talking candy dispenser. Then, ding! ding!, the bell rings, and Marco has to choose: go back to his exhausted parents and the screaming baby, or stay forever in this fabulous place. A philosophico-spatial dilemma!

The Théâtre de l’Œil’s amazing puppets embrace Larry Tremblay’s writing in this adaptation of the acclaimed children’s graphic novel Même pas vrai. Like the promise of a starry sky!


Playwright’s message

“Marco bleu invites children to engage in a philosophical action: imagining how to live differently. Children think about time, about temporality: why does a week have seven days? Since there are other ways of looking at things, people who live differently, does that allow for more tolerance? All my plays are informed by the notion of the body, what I call playful anatomy. Working with puppets led me to write scenes that I wouldn’t have written for human actors, since the puppet’s body doesn’t suffer like an actor’s. A certain playfulness came into it. And that took me right back to my childhood ...” (Transl.)


An out-of-body performance

A conversation with Martine Beaulne

When you read Larry Tremblay’s graphic novel Même pas vrai, what was the trigger, what made you want to adapt this text for the stage?

Larry Tremblay has a particular and authentic imaginary world that wins me over with every new work. Même pas vrai is about young Marco, who has been having a rough time since the birth of his little sister. The timid and naive side of this character who frees himself from a complex emotional reality through the power of his imagination triggered my desire to transpose the story to the stage. Marco’s fantastic inner journey allows him to deal with his new reality, to accept his little sister, to experience freedom of expression through drawing.

Read more on PDF below.

Performance is approximately 55 minutes with no intermission.

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  • With Eloi Cousineau, Jérémie Desbiens, Julie Renault and Alex Trahan
  • Set design and Marionettes Richard Lacroix
  • Lighting Gilles Perron
  • Sound Ludovic Bonnier
  • Produced by Le Théâtre de l’Œil