Ages 6 to 12

February 2019

  1. Feb 17 2019



  2. Feb 18 2019



© Julie Charland
The trumpeter comes down from his pedestal to have fun with the audience in this uninhibited jazz show featuring three virtuoso musicians who really know how to swing! A kinetic experience that sweeps us into the beat, with Miles Davis everywhere.

Warning: Jazz rhythms ahead!

It’s raining notes. The trumpet is laughing, the piano is crying. Three laid-back virtuosos mix music like dough. Their instruments spout all the colours of the great Miles Davis, while hypnotic videos draw you into the mix. You may even be invited to jump on stage to become a conductor or beatboxer.

This is the third visit from our Belgian friends Zonzo, after Slumberland and Listen to the Silence. Don’t give them a hard time for forgetting (again!) to pack boredom in their luggage!

This show is part of the Big Bang Festival, two days of fun musicolourful experiments for the whole family, big and small ears alike. At the NAC, Sunday, February 17 and Monday, February 18, 2019 (full program to be announced).

*Musical show without words 

Only 160 seats available!

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Performance is approximately 50 minutes with no intermission.

video: Mile(s)tones
© Julie Charland
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers


  • With With Bert Bernaerts (trumpet and double bass), Fulco Ottervanger (piano) et Simon Segers (drums)
  • Video Johan Cosijns
  • Costumes Evelyn Demaertelaere
  • Technical Director and Stage Manager Pieter Nys
  • Set Construction Luc Cools
  • Produced by Zonzo Compagnie
  • Coproduced by De Beren vzw, Centre culturel de Belém, De Werf, Rataplan Arts Centre (Antwerp) and Jeunesses Musicales Flandre (Belgium)