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After the touching pair of brothers in Flots, tout ce qui brille voit, Véronique Côté returns with a show for little ones. Here, a pair of closely bonded sisters, a charming set, and surprising answers to the big question “Where can we find comfort?”

Unravelling sadness

If you have an immense sadness, tightly wrapped in a ball of wool, what does it take to unravel it? The basic props are obviously multicoloured ribbons, paper birds, a guitar, and sandwiches to be cut. And then there’s the essential one: a sister with whom to watch the clouds drift by, a sister who knows that spring will return.

This gentle show for two endearing actresses whispers in our ears that time heals all wounds, even the deepest sorrows, because in the end, tears make the flowers grow!

*Only 80 seats available!

Press clipping excerpts

“Véronique Côté has a marvellous talent for finding words and images that speak, with incredible gentleness, to toddlers.... Though they exchange only a few words, the two wonderful performers alternately captivate us, move us, and make us laugh.”

David Lefebvre,, November 2016 (transl.)

A small question becomes big

A conversation with Véronique Côté

From a more personal point of view, where did you get the idea to talk to children about profound sorrow and consolation?

I often start with a real question that I asked myself as a child, and that I still ask myself as an adult. For Flots, it was “How do you wait without getting hurt?” For Les choses berçantes, it was “How do you console yourself?” I wanted to talk about that. We all have our troubles. And that’s something we have in common with children. Sorrows can be immense when you’re small. And then there are parents whose relationship is in trouble—these things happen ... I wanted to give children a sense of that, in an enlightening way. Sorrows have transformative power; they can lead to more beauty. It seems to me that it’s good to know that early in life.

Performance is approximately 40 minutes with no intermission.

video: Les choses berçantes (Extraits)
Les choses berçantes (Extraits)
© Julie Charland
© Louise Leblanc
© Louise Leblanc
© Louise Leblanc


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  • Set design Erica Schmitz
  • Lighting Jean-François Labbé
  • Music Josué Beaucage
  • Artistic direction Hélène Blanchard and Judith Savard
  • Production Le Théâtre des Confettis