L’homme aux sept femmes

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© Julie Charland
“It’s still theatre, because violent death is depicted but doesn’t actually occur. It’s death deliberately selected and staged.” Audrée Wilhelmy, Les sangs

A tale of love and raw meat

Borrowing from Donkeyskin and Bluebeard, and even from the writings of the Marquis de Sade, this adult fairy tale blurs the line between pain and pleasure, fantasy and horror, mischievous games and hunting with hounds. Bewitching.

In the attic of a mansion, six small rooms enclose the essence and the notebooks of seven women: the wives and victims of Féléor Barthélémy Rü. Known in the City as the Ogre, he has inherited a taste for human flesh from his ancestor, the Great Hunter. Marie des Cendres, seventh on the list, entertains herself by impersonating each of her predecessors in turn in this house of phantasms, where cruel erotic games form a counterpoint to a powerful underlying death wish. A timeless adaptation of Audrée Wilhelmy’s enigmatic novel Les sangs by the Théâtre populaire d’Acadie.

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© Julie Charland


  • Based on the novel Les sangs by Audrée Wilhelmy, ©2013 Leméac Éditeur
  • Adaptation Gracia Couturier
  • Directed by Maurice Arsenault
  • Cast Sylvio Arriola and Marie-Pierre Valay-Nadeau
  • Assistant director and stage manager Ghislain Basque
  • Set design Bernard Dugas
  • Music and soundscape Jean-François Mallet
  • Video design Sylvio Arriola
  • Costumes Denise Richard
  • Coproduced by Théâtre populaire d’Acadie and NAC French Theatre