Ottawa-based Colombian artist Claudia Salguero returns to the National Arts Centre to present her new show MADRE TIERRA.

Through rhythms, instruments and heartfelt lyrics from different eras and corners of our continent, Claudia Salguero dedicates this concert to the wise and aching Mother Earth, to her Latin American origins and to the colourful and surprising musical legacy of the three Americas.

Latin American music is renowned by its rich mix of poetic content and exuberant harmonies, all of which sets the stage for an intimate evening of evocative melodies interpreted in Spanish by Claudia, her band and her special guests.

A portion of the proceeds from this presentation will be donated to  “Casa Taller Las Moyas” in Colombia.


Piano: Sylvio Modolo (Brazil)

Guitar: Izzy Martinez (Mexico)

Bass: Juan-Pablo Carmona (Colombia)

Drums and Percussion: Alvaro de Minaya (Chile)

Sax: Jasmin Lalande (Canada)

Flutes: Luis Abanto (Peru)

Percussion: JL Vasquez (Chile)