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Francophone Music Singer/Songwriter Folk

Maude Audet, the daughter of working-class parents, was born and raised in a Quebec City suburb. As a teenager in the 1990s, she immersed herself in grunge and the alternative culture of the day, but also listened to her fair share of folk and rock 'n' roll.

She is self-taught, and her songs seem to come naturally once she sets to work. While she may have seemed to be a bolt from the blue, she had in fact entered quite a few competitions where she learned a lot and developed her own style. She also met members of the band Navet Confit, who gave her a friendly boost and were consequently entrusted with performing her first songwriting efforts.

Last summer, her unofficial release of a French-language adaptation of Smells Like Teen Spirit proved to be very popular. After that she worked on the songs for her next album, which were in tune with the aesthetic she has now adopted. She entrusted production of the album to Ariane Moffatt, because of her many talents and her sensitivity. Its release is scheduled for the fall of 2017.

Catherine Leduc, who first became known as the female half of the band Tricot Machine, is back to work as a singer-songwriter. After her first atmospheric solo album in 2014, she is now back with a second offering scheduled for release in the spring of 2017.

Still accompanied by Matthieu Beaumont, her partner in music and life, they did all the arrangements and production work by themselves. They will be back on the road throughout Quebec to perform these new songs – a surprising mixture of dream pop and psychedelic folk – for their fans. These hypnotic songs still have a groove, and the new show is sure to be a delight.

video: Catherine Leduc - Un bras de distance avec le soleil
Catherine Leduc - Un bras de distance avec le soleil
video: Troubles-fêtes, by Maude Audet
Troubles-fêtes, by Maude Audet
Catherine Leduc © Léolo
Maude Audet © Marc-Étienne Mongrain